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Men are leaders in statistics on rates of violence, depression and suicide, and those numbers are increasing daily. At MenzLeague, we believe there are many underlying issues that need to be addressed in order to help. 

Our greatest fear for men is that they have not been given a platform to be honest about how they’re feeling. To admit feeling defeat, struggle, and pain. We recognize that these attitudes are deeply rooted and complex, and many men will be resistant to jump on board for fear that they will continue to be judged in the workplace, in professional relationships and among teammates for their vulnerability and struggles. Our vision is to have a world with better men. A world where men are not constrained by society to hide their emotions and a world where men can share their feelings without judgment.

Corporately, MenzLeague provides organizations with engaging, digestible and focused educational opportunities on various topics that inspire men to focus on improving their mental health.  The MenzLeague Corporate Packages hold many offerings, and our services can be hand tailored to fit your companies needs. Please reach out to discuss further on how we can support your business.

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Our newsletters and surveys provide men with perspective on what the emotionally intelligent man is talking and thinking about on a regular basis. Results from surveys can focus efforts with group meetings, lunch & learns.


Includes our Lunch & Learns, Presentations or Half Day Workshops. 60 or 180-240 minute sessions focused on specific topics surrounding overall mental health, physical health, financial aptitude and relationships. 


Virtual Mental Health Checks – Unlimited, 45 minute conversations with a designated mental health advocate. Online booking available for all staff.  Private, one on one opportunities to work with an experienced professional therapist.


Offers a private community for men including chat forums & monthly zoom calls, Mental Health Checks, Discounted One on One or Group Coaching Services, Mental Health Resource Library, Exclusive Member Discounts, online based, self work courses & more.

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