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    MenzLeague's 'Man to Men' Groups

    The Man To Men Group Experience is a meeting of men, invested in becoming better men through trust, connection and real talk. We explore the benefits of having meaningful conversations about topics that men need to be discussing (but most men don’t) in an environment that nurtures trust, connection and growth.

    Learn: how to push past the uncomfortable feeling of not knowing how to connect with others using tools and methods to connect on a deeper level and strengthen relationships. Experience what it feels like to land in courage and be supported as you share with others. Enhance your leadership and life skills by expanding your ability to create and foster environments which encourage others to share in open hearted discussions. Receive and develop tools to trust your heart and your intuition, guiding you to “follow your gut” when it comes to connections and conversations.

    Strengthen: and deepen ALL your relationships (including the one you have with yourself) and gain clarity on how you want to show up as a man for both yourself and those around you. Build and maintain higher self confidence that will lead to feeling in control of your life/outcomes which will bring you feelings of relief, and have you move through life with ease. Get in touch with your leadership skills by taking charge and choosing to have open hearted conversation and normalize men having REAL discussions/conversations with men.

    Stop wasting time on the sidelines of life by NOT having the connection, support and conversations you desire and deserve to have with men around you. Let go of the feeling that you “need to have it all together” and put down the “tough guy mask” you think you’re hiding behind and be the man who steps into the unknown with courage and realizes he isn’t alone. Step in in solidarity – come out united and stronger than ever.


    – 6 weeks of recurring online meetings approximately 90 minutes in duration with a small group of 4- 8 men
    – Implementation and reflection workbooks for each session.
    – Includes one online private 60 minute coaching session. ($250 value)
    – Next group starts soon – contact Cary today for more details.

    Interested? Email us to Learn More