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Men all over the world are struggling with their mental health. Through private community, exclusive courses and focused resources, the MenzLeague Membership is where men commit to improving themselves, their mental health and to Becoming a Better Man. At MenzLeague, we believe that mental health is completely related to your Physical Health, Personal Relationships and Financial Wellness and getting 1% percent better each day in each of those areas can make all the difference. The MenzLeague Membership includes;

Private Community

Created with the intent of providing men a safe place where we can begin changing the structure of what it means to be a man, MenzLeague provides various spaces for men to share stories, become vulnerable & learn from each other's mistakes.


Customizable programs from certified personal trainers to improve your physical health, sound financial advice from industry professionals in a digestible format and relationship focused courses from Calgary's leading relationship experts.


Virtual mental health check ins includes 45-minute appointments with a consistent mental health professional, booked directly online as many times as you would like. 


Through companies that are aligned with our vision and core values, members gain access to discounts across the city and online.

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    Growing Better Together

    Our membership-driven community offers a variety of professional resources purposely curated to cater to men. The subscription-based, online platform supports our members from anywhere with community, courses, and convenient resources our members rely on to grow. Our content is always current and focused on what matters most to men, with one-on-one coaching opportunities available for members.Together, our growing community of inspired champions are actively creating a generation of better men. Sign up now, and join the community. 

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    Becoming Better Men

    Our Mission is to provide a diverse group of like-minded men with a support system surrounding mental health, physical health, financial aptitude and relationships. Together we hope to become better men.

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