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    Mental Health

    Pillar 1

    What do you think of when you consider mental health? It’s a tough question. Even saying “mental health” comes with an immediate stigma. Most men internalize their problems. Rarely do we open up and share the deepest fears and insecurities that drag us down.

    Your mental health is critical. It’s time for a place where men can feel comfortable talking about their internal struggles without judgement, and with the confidence of the support of their peers. And that’s what MenzLeague is about. Let’s be honest. Let’s be vulnerable. It’s time to get past the stigma, so that we can be better, together.

    Pillar 2

    Physical Health

    Physical health is different for everyone. But what does it mean for you? Where do you want to start? Physical health isn’t about Instagram 6 packs and workout selfies. It’s about setting a realistic goal and following through on it.

    Just like any other goal in life, it is about incremental day by day improvement.

    Pillar 3

    Financial Aptitude

    Financial knowledge is not common. Some naturally grasp certain concepts, but for many, it is too complex to bother with. Many of us live pay-cheque to pay-cheque, we tread water and continue to make poor investments in our present at the cost of our future. Why? Because we don’t know any better. Because we haven’t acquired the right knowledge to understand the pros and cons of our decisions.

    We don’t all need to be experts. But we do need to get better. Let’s learn how to keep more of our hard-earned money in our pockets. Let’s learn how to make it work for us, instead of us working for someone else.

    Pillar 4


    The strength of a relationship is directly proportional to the effort put into it. Just like anything in life, you get out what you put in.

    Relationships come and go, and not every relationship is long lasting. That’s ok. We need to be mindful that everyone person we cross paths with matters. Whether we realize it or not, how we conduct ourselves daily forms the basis for all relationships in our environment. Our environment, then, gives us what we put in. If we can learn to focus more on honest, consistent, respectful communication, our relationships will reflect the same values.